ZIT happens...

ZIT happens...


Never thought you’d be battling wrinkles and breakouts at the same time? 

Well…welcome to the world of ‘adult acne’ 

The emotional toll of adult acne can really chip away at self-esteem, trust me, I’ve been there, and I know how frustrating it is to choose using either a topical acne product that will over-dry the skin- emphasizing lines and wrinkles or using a topical wrinkle treatment that’s too rich- exasperating acne and clogged pores. It seems like a no-win situation having to pick but luckily, the ‘acne-demics’ here at Serious Skincare broke the code on how to treat, heal and prevent breakouts from happening without over drying the skin or causing wrinkles. In fact, many of our products like the Daily Ritual and the Glycolic Pads help keep the skin continuously clear from both breakouts and wrinkles…  plus, products like Clearz-It and Dry Lo Pro target and treat the skin over-night which can really come to the rescue when an unexpected pimple pops-up out of nowhere.

Clearing acne and keeping your skin healthy starts with finding the right products but incorporating just a few tiny lifestyle changes can make a huge impact on keeping your skin continuously clear.  Here are some tips and healthy habits to help support a clear complexion.


“Nothing inspires cleanliness more than an unexpected guest.”  I’m sure this quote is referring to keeping a tidy home, but it also rings true if the ‘unexpected guest’ is a pimple! So, wash your hands often, keep your cell phone clean and stay mindful of how often you may be touching your face, i.e., resting your hand under your chin, subconsciously checking on a zit status or tapping in a make-up touch up. Change out your pillowcase at least once a week and instead of  re-using a large towel to dry your face- use a clean, single washcloth each time. I literally fold and set out 14 washcloths per week and use a new one each time I wash and dry my face- it’s far more sanitary and it feels like a little luxury.


99% of the time, trying to squeeze out a blackhead or pop a tempting whitehead ultimately backfires by increasing inflammation, spreading bacteria and leaving behind a long-lasting scar.  Remember what you already know to be true- those late night, pimple-popping sessions do not speed recovery, they can, in fact, significantly prolong it.  And please, for the love of beautiful skin and sanity… no more 10X magnification mirrors!


Applying toothpaste to a pimple is not an acne hack! Using toothpaste to battle breakouts is a long-standing (bad) skincare myth. In fact, the fluoride from toothpaste can actually trigger something called ‘perioral dermatitis’, which can be mistaken for acne- so even if you have toothpaste around the mouth after brushing -cleanse it off.


Icing your face can reduce inflammation, redness, and irritation and targeted skin-icing is especially helpful for painful cystic ‘underground’ breakouts.  Only ice on freshly cleansed skin, wrap an ice cube in a thin, cotton cloth (like a hankie or a piece of t-shirt) and gently move across the skin giving extra attention to sore, breakout areas.

Managing acne is not easy, I know- but using good, balanced skincare products and adopting a few healthy habits can make a world of difference. Wherever you are on your clear-skin journey, please know Serious Skincare is here to support your goals. Have specific questions? You can reach out to me direct at: asklisa@seriousskincare.com





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