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Jennifer Flavin-Stallone, Founder

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"Jennifer is known for generously sharing her Serious Skincare line’s bestseller, InstaTox — a cosmetic alternative to injections — with her inner circle of besties."

"Jennifer Flavin-Stallone Set Out to Make Retinol Better"

"Miracle-Working Skincare Line....Some Things Shouldn’t Be Kept a Secret"

"As far as the best beauty tip Jennifer has passed down to her daughters, it’s making sure they wash their faces after a long night."

“I use the glycolic cleanser every morning and then I’ll use my vitamin C serum and follow it up with  the TAKE2 or SPF moisturizer. I don’t like to stay with the same product every single day because I look at what’s going on with my skin and I change it up.”

"Even the Rocky star himself doesn’t shy away from a good skincare moment. “Sly is always willing and ready to try any mask, eye cream, de-puffing or lifting cream. It’s a lot of fun because he’s all game,” Jennifer Flavin-Stallone told us.