Welcome Winter Solstice!

Welcome Winter Solstice!

Although it may not seem like it, today is officially the first day of winter.  Each year, the Winter Solstice marks the shortest day of the year- which also means it’s the longest night…. and in my skincare-obsessed mind, this is the perfect excuse to stay indoors, get cozy and start ‘winterizing’ the skin. Unlike transitional seasons like autumn and spring, winter is extreme, and can be really rough on the complexion.  Outside, we’ve got cold, dry weather. Inside we have over-heated rooms. We drink less water because we’re cold, we take long, hot showers to get warm.  

This year let’s not let the dip in temperature take our skin down with it. Instead, let’s take advantage of the extra-long nights and prepare our skin for what’s to come.

The great news is, dry, dull skin can be easily alleviated by winter-proofing your skincare routine, and here are a few simple ways to start.

Exfoliate. Skin polishing will not only bring back a radiant glow- gentle exfoliation will help your serums and creams work much better. As your skin dries out, cellular turnover slows and dead skin cells stop shedding and begin to accumulate- this inhibits treatment serums and moisturizers from being able to sink in. Awaken a healthy turnover process by using a facial scrub that will physically slough-off dead, dulling skin cell and decongest the pores. Our C Extreme Results is the perfect winter skin polisher as it is super gentle yet amazingly effective- plus, it floods the skin with complexion illuminating vitamin c’s.

Hydrate.  Start from the inside out. Drinking plenty of water, at least 64oz a day, can have a huge impact on your skin. ‘Too cold for water’ you say? Warm herbal tea counts! So does hot water with citrus slices or ginger. My winter favorite is hot water, a fruity herbal tea bag, a tiny bit of honey and a shot of apple cider vinegar…. sounds a little strange but it is so good!

Moisturize.  Many of us need a different moisturizer in the winter- not only to attract & bind moisture molecules to the skin, but most importantly, to seal it in. In my opinion, our Lock & Bond is the ultimate winter face cream- it is a luscious occlusive that nurtures the skin with instant and sustained moisture. This remarkable cream creates a breathable barrier that traps key hydration to the skin while preventing trans epidermal water loss (TEWL) -truly a game changer in the cold, dehydrating winter months.

Dry, uncomfortable, winter skin is not inevitable- it’s actually easily avoidable.  Gorgeous, comfortable, vibrant skin is hiding just below the surface, all you need is a winter-refresh to reveal it.



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