Vitamin C and Retinol. What’s the difference and do I need both?

Vitamin C and Retinol. What’s the difference and do I need both?

 With everything written about Vitamin C and Retinol, it can be confusing to know which one is the most effective for you and your skin.

The truth is, Vitamin C and Retinol are both extremely effective ingredients to utilize if fighting off all visible markers of age is your goal. Each ingredient is pretty amazing on its own- but each one works very differently- Vitamin C does things Retinol can’t and vice-versa.

With Vitamin C’s powerful wrinkle correcting and skin brightening effects and Retinol’s ability to stimulate collagen synthesis and boost cellular turnover- it makes a lot of sense to use both regularly. If we could formulate these two powerhouse ingredients in the same product, trust me, we would! But Retinol, like a moody teenager, is notorious for ‘not playing well with others’ thus our A Defiance line is where Retinol lives and thrives… in solitary ;-)

 So, do you need both Vitamin C and Retinol? Yes, totally!

But how do you use the two together?

The easiest way is to use each at opposite ends of the day.

Start your day with Vitamin C in the morning and end your evening with Retinol at night.  Daytime wear of Vitamin C provides that extra antioxidant protection from the stresses of the day, while nightly use of Retinol can boost repair and restoration as you sleep.

 These two essential ingredients truly compliment and complete each other beautifully, essentially cross training your skin to bring out an array of dynamic visible improvements to every marker of age.

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