SPOTLIGHT:  Insta-Tox & Firm-A-Face XR

SPOTLIGHT: Insta-Tox & Firm-A-Face XR

Two amazing skin firmers. Both work instantly. Both take years off the look of your skin.  Which one is right for you?

 Let’s start by understanding the independent super-powers of each product and how these two firmers differ from one another.

Firm-A-Face is an ALL-OVER skin tightening mask, pore reducer and under-eye de-puffer while Insta-Tox is an intense, TARGETED wrinkle reducer.

Firm-A-Face provides a subtle all-over tightening effect and Insta-Tox affects smaller, targeted areas more intensely.

Interestingly enough, Firm-A-Face was originally developed as an answer for those who wanted a more subtle, all-over facial firmer, not quite as intense and targeted as Insta-Tox-  but as different as these two products are from one another, you may be surprised to learn Firm-A-Face and Insta-Tox are often used together!

Firm-A-Face would be used first- follow the directions for application, splash off skin and pat dry.

Next, InstaTox would be applied as directed, tapped onto targeted areas.…

And voila, you got it all!  All-over instant face lift cream that is pore blurring and wrinkle reducing! Best of all, it lasts all day- until you wash it off!

And here’s one more additional tip to use these two firmers ‘off-label’… try a Blend-In!

Add the tiniest drop of Insta-Tox to your usual eye cream and smooth on - this automatically turns any eye cream into an instant eye-lift.

Or try mixing a little bit of Firm-A-Face into your favorite facial cream, blend together, apply all-over the face (and neck if desired) and leave on the skin.

The ratio of Firm-A-Face to facial cream can be adjusted depending on the firmness effect you desire.


Keep in mind, there is a small learning curve to mastering the application technique for each one of these little miracle workers- but once achieved, you will grow to rely on the confidence that comes with knowing you’ve got the tools to look your absolute best!





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