Written by:  Lisa Malcolm McElligott

As the days become shorter and the nights get cooler, it’s only natural to gravitate towards all things warm and cozy. Use this extra time as an opportunity to slow down and practice a little self-care. Start by setting the scene; prepare a steamy cup of tea, light a scented candle, play music that makes you happy and try out some new beauty trends that help bring the spa-experience right into the comforts of your own home. 


Try An ‘Everything Shower’

This wildly popular TikTok trend actually has some merit!

… pretty much everyone feels better after a shower or bath, the Everything Shower trend incorporates a whole host of self-care practices into your otherwise basic routine.  From a reparative hair mask to whole body exfoliation- proponents of this trend say that taking the extra time to focus just on themselves has been greatly beneficial, both physically and mentally.

Here’s some of our suggestions for an SSC Everything Shower:

Apply our exfoliating glycolic maskGlycolic Gommage to the face, neck and décolleté right before you enter the shower or bath and let the warm steam enhance product penetration. Polish your shoulders, elbows and hands with our Phyto Pumpkin Scrub… the delicious scent alone evokes the coziest aromatherapy benefits while your skin instantly turns silky smooth. After the shower, pat skin dry and treat yourself to the benefits of our cold sculpting creamCryo-Cinq or the spectacularly luxurious and efficacious Creamerum Body Cream.


Create An At-Home Treatment Bed

Continue your skin care regimen from the comforts of your snuggly bed or wherever you ‘land’ at the end of the day to watch a show, read or surf the internet. Instead of standing in the bathroom mirror, create a beauty caddy or cosmetic bag and bring your serums and creams with you. Take your time massaging-in serums, tapping-in eye treatments, and layering-on moisture creams. To really ‘up’ your game, incorporate our V Sculpt Face & Neck Tool and it’s 5 remarkable modalities to significantly enhance any skincare product. This ingenious device features: Red LED for wrinkles, Blue LED for breakouts, Green LED for hyperpigmentation, Heat and Ultra-Sonic Vibration for superior circulation & product penetration PLUS… it’s totally cordless, so you can use anywhere!




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