As the seasons change, your skin changes too, and so does your skin’s needs.  Summer of course calls for hyper-vigilant UV protection. Autumn’s the time for recovery and repair. Winter’s cold, dry air has us combating the elements… And then finally… there’s Spring. Gorgeous, glorious Spring, where days get longer, temperatures get warmer, and we start to spend more time outdoors. We begin to see nature unfurl and come back-to-life after the dormant winter months and we get visual evidence that there is always a chance for new beginnings. Spring is the season of hope and renewal, and in my opinion, the best four months out of the year.

So, let’s shake off Winter and lean into the spirit of Spring by incorporating renewal and rejuvenation into our everyday, self-care regimen. Proper exfoliation is a great way to wake up the skin from its winter hibernation and ‘spring clean’ the entire complexion. Gentle and consistent exfoliation un-glues congested pores and sloughs-off the top layer of dead skin cells to reveal the newer, fresher skin underneath. Along with providing instant radiance, properly exfoliating triggers new cell regeneration and encourages the body’s own healthy collagen, elastin, and HA production… plus, it’s just a great way to totally revive and brighten up your entire complexion.

For the most part, exfoliating options come in two forms: chemical and physical, and here’s the difference between the two: Chemical exfoliants are fluid, liquid acids or enzymes that sink into the skin to loosen and dissolve debris. Think: enlarged pores, blackheads, congested skin. Physical exfoliants are actual textural particles that work by buffing away surface dead skin and flakes. Think: rough skin, visible dryness, a dull complexion.

These two exfoliation approaches can actually complement each other, if used correctly, and I gotta say- out of all the Serious Skincare products, our Glycolic Gommage is the ultimate skin exfoliator as it features both the chemical and physical methods of exfoliation- plus a manual component as well via the massage/gommage action of product removal. 

The Glycolic Gommage ‘magic’ breaks down like this:

#1) First the chemical exfoliants (Glycolic, Malic, Lactic Acid) sink into the pores to quickly dissolve and 'un-glue' sticky sebum.

#2) Next the physical pulling action of Kaolin clay draws out loosened sebum and dead skin cells.

#3) And last, the mechanical exfoliant (Silica) physically buffs the skin's surface as you manually remove the product from the skin through massage and water.

These 3 mechanisms deliver the most gorgeous, polished finish… poreless, taut, sexy skin. It’s so simple… a once a week, totally enjoyable treatment that’s for sure, the easiest way to kiss Winter goodbye and get excited about Spring! 



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