How to Build Your Best Skin Care Routine

How to Build Your Best Skin Care Routine

If you read any of the articles I've written about skincare, you'll quickly realize that there are no one-size-fits-all solutions. Your skin type has a lot to do with what will work and what won't. I try to address all of the different possibilities in these articles, but when you're trying to learn, all of that information might seem overwhelming. 

This is why I thought a recap would be a good way to lock in the skincare knowledge that you've learned from previous articles. At Serious Skincare, we have dozens of products that we would not recommend for different skin types — but we have just as many that are ideal. So, read this article and upgrade your skincare routine. When you're done, make a mental note — or jot down a few actual notes — of the information you've found to help you learn which cosmeceutical-grade skin care products are ideal for your skin. 

Rank Your Top Skincare Concerns

Take a good look at your skin in a mirror with good lighting. Identify your areas of concern. Few people have perfect skin, so be honest about your imperfections. Here are some of the common problems that we encounter:

Acne and Breakouts

If you struggle with acne, it's because your pores have become clogged with oils, cosmetics, or dead skin cells. There are so many factors that can trigger acne outbreaks  — comedogenic skin care, hormone fluctuations, bacterial contact and more — that it may be difficult to pin down the cause.  A simple first step is cleansing the skin consistently — morning and evening, with a gentle cleanser — this can go a long way toward unclogging and tightening pores. You may also benefit from a spot treatment, like Continuously Clear Dry Lo Spot Treatment, to neutralize breakouts. 

Signs of Aging

Tight, springy skin is a trait found in the young — and those who take care of their skin. If you are concerned because your skin appears thin or sags, we have excellent news for you. Many Serious Skincare products are designed for this specific issue. Numerous Serious Skincare products are designed to bind hydration to the skin, increase collagen production, and stop free radicals from destroying elastin. The result is tighter, thicker skin that gives a more youthful appearance. 

Fine Lines and Wrinkles

These tiny flaws are among the first signs of aging. Even relatively young people in their twenties and thirties can develop fine lines and wrinkles if they aren't careful. Establishing an effective skincare routine can erase these minute lines and wrinkles and take years off your appearance. 


Dry skin can appear dull and blotchy, and it is sometimes coarse to the touch. If you are genetically predisposed to dry skin, drinking more water is unlikely to provide satisfactory results. Some serums are formulated to bind hydration to the skin, and the right moisturizers can prevent water from slowly seeping from the outer layers of your skin.


Healthy skin shines. If your skin doesn't glow, it may be the result of dryness, a buildup of dead skin cells, insufficient hydration, excessive sun, or genetics. Using a gentle exfoliant may be part of the solution. Additionally, if your skin is dry or normal, using an olive oil skin care product designed for drier skin types, like Serious Skincare's Olive Oil Hydra Flash, can help give your face a healthy shine. 


If you don't have a diagnosed medical condition, your skin may be red due to diet, allergies, or genetics. Certain foods, cosmetics, or environmental factors may inflame your skin cells, producing a red, blotchy appearance. If this is a persistent issue, you should see a dermatologist. If the redness is occasional, you may consider the idea that it could be the result of allergies to your makeup, skincare products, or foods. 


The number one environmental cause of hyperpigmentation is exposure to the sun. Our skin reacts differently to sunlight, and some of us will develop brown "age spots" if we spend too much time outdoors. We recommend incorporating an SPF 30 sunscreen at the end of your morning skincare routine. If you plan to be in the sun throughout the day, reapply it periodically. 

You may have more than one of these issues, and each issue may have more than one cause. It's important to recognize the fact that skincare solutions can prove to be complicated, but once you find the right routine for you, the payoff is incredible.

Guage Your Level of Experience

How much do you know about skincare? Be honest with your self-assessment.

Beginner Level

You don't have a vast amount of knowledge about skincare, and you may not have even had a skincare routine other than washing your face. Don't worry. There is a lot to learn, but you can make vast strides just by learning about which products work best for your skin. Don't beat yourself up. Everyone is a beginner at some point. 

Intermediate Level

You know a bit about skincare. You've been experimenting with different products and have even established an effective skincare routine. You see the potential of proper skincare, and you're hungry to learn more. 

Advanced Level

You're a skincare enthusiast and the person your friends come to for skincare tips. You've taken a deep dive to learn how certain naturally occurring ingredients can promote collagen and elastin production, hydrate cells, and eliminate free radicals. You are a true believer in proper skincare, and your face is a testament to your knowledge.

No matter where you fall on this scale, Serious Skincare's products can work for you. For beginners, you'll find a "How it Works" section on every one of our products. For intermediate and advanced skincare aficionados, we detail all ingredients and frequently write articles about how each product and ingredient works on the skin. No matter what your level of experience is, we believe that you'll be pleased with our products.

What Texture or Finish Do You Prefer for Your Skincare Regimen?

Serious Skincare has multiple products for each stage of your skincare regimen. For some of our customers, the product they choose comes down to the way it feels on their skin. 

  1. Gel-like – Gels tend to be viscous and clear. Many hydrating products come in the form of a gel. Because they're thicker, skin absorption is slower, resulting in hours of moisturizing protection.
  2. Creamy – Like gels, creams are viscous but also tend to be more opaque. Many moisturizers and eye products come in the form of creams. Creams are usually cool to the touch and can be rubbed gently into the skin. 
  3. Watery – The skin can usually rapidly absorb liquid products, which is why toners and serums are often watery. They offer immediate skin hydration and deliver essential vitamins and nutrients rapidly. 
  4. Oily – Oil-based products are often designed to lock moisture into the skin. Most oil-based products are designed to be applied toward the end of the routine since they can block hydrating creams and gels.

It's important to note that you may find better results with a product that doesn't meet your preferences. For example, it would be difficult to find oily products for all stages of your skincare regimen. Serious Skincare often chooses the viscosity and texture of their products based on their ability to deliver the ingredients effectively. 

Know Your Skin Type

Assessing your skin type is essential to choosing the right products for your regimen.

  1. Normal – Your skin feels hydrated and comfortable throughout the day. 
  2. Dry – Dry skin usually feels tight. It can also feel flaky or scaly. Often accompanied by blotchiness. 
  3. Oily – Your skin has a sheen even before you've applied makeup.
  4. Combination – Your skin has an oily region around the forehead and between the eyes (T-zone) and is dry throughout the rest of your face. 

This is where it's particularly important to read product labels. For instance, you don't want to apply a product designed for dry skin if you have oily skin or vice versa. 

Determine Your Preferred Approach to Skincare

What does your approach to skincare say about you?

  1. New to Skincare – "I have no idea what I'm doing. Help!" You're in the right place, and congratulations on being ready to put your best face forward. 
  2. Simple (Just the Essentials) – "I love my skin, but I want to live my life." We've got your back. A daily skincare regimen can be completed in about the same amount of time it takes to brush your teeth. 
  3. Advanced – "Give me the best!" We hear you and can help you address all of your concerns.  

In my experience, most people gravitate toward an advanced approach to skincare once they begin to see the results. Remember, we were all new to skincare at some point. It really doesn't take long to become "expert enough" about your own skin.

Age Affects Skincare

Your age will determine how you choose your skincare products. Younger skin tends to be oilier and prone to acne, while more mature skin may require products that boost collagen production and antioxidants.

Understanding your skin type is essential at all ages because preconceived notions about age often miss the mark on an individual basis. For example, just because you're in your teens does not necessarily mean that your skin is oily or acne-prone. If you use products designed to address conditions that you don't have, it can be counterproductive.

A Piece of Advice for All Ages and Skin Types

I hope you've enjoyed this article and learning about your skin. One of the best pieces of advice I can give anyone, regardless of age, gender, or skin type, is to start your morning and evening skincare regimens with high-quality skin care products now. Pay attention to how your face responds. Embrace what works and reject what doesn't. After a few months, your skin will look amazing, and you will have perfected the right products for you. Shop Serious Skincare today!

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