Can a topical product actually tighten the skin?

Can a topical product actually tighten the skin?

I get this question a lot, probably because loose, crepey skin is almost inevitable as we age.

At a certain point external stressors start breaking down the cushy-collagen and structural-elastin within our skin and we can look older as the skin becomes thinner and more impressionable.

Short of a surgical face lift or a really tight ponytail ;-) is there anything we can do to topically lift, tighten and smooth the skin?

Luckily, there is, and we call it Reverse Lift.

Every product within our Reverse Lift line of topical skin care is formulated to specifically address the cause and effects of thinner, loose, sagging skin.

All Reverse Lift products are infused with our exclusive, age-reversing Argifirm Complex – this is a proprietary blend of powerhouse peptides and skin firming extracts that can legit. boost production of collagen and elastin in the skin. Also unique to Reverse Lift is a brilliant Hexapeptide clinically proven to tighten wrinkles and crepiness on the face specifically caused by muscle contraction and repetitive facial expression- this is especially helpful for the lines across the forehead, the ‘elevens’ in between the eyebrows and the crow’s feet around the eyes.


Unlike Insta-tox and Firma-Face, these are not ‘instant’ products. The Reverse Lift products require consistency to enjoy the accumulative and long-lasting results.


Here’s a quick rundown of my favorites.

 The REVERSE LIFT EYE. This is a multi-functional lid-lifting treatment that helps strengthen fragile, thinning, crepey skin while subtly brightening tarnished discolorations and under eye shadows.

 The REVERSE LIFT CREAM. This is an all-over, supportive facial cream formulated to firm, tighten and streamline sagging facial contours.  Unlike most firming creams, this one strikes the perfect moisture balance offering superior hydration-binders essential to maintaining resilient, taut, soft, plump skin.

 And my absolute favorite is our CORREC-CHIN. This is a targeted lifting treatment for the chin, neck and jawline. Developing Correc-Chin was a real ‘What-If’ moment for us when we thought- what if we took a top-performing anti-cellulite ingredient from France and formulated it into a neck cream designed to slim and tighten the skin on the neck, chin and jawline?  Would it reduce the tiny fat pads in a double-chin?  Could it tighten the loose skin on the throat just like it does for the skin on the body?  Well, we tried it and after a solid year of development and testing- we did it!  Truly an unprecedented neck and chin treatment

 Our Reverse Lift line has other products too, a nurturing Cleansing Cream perfect for drier skin types, a shockingly refreshing Facial Serum, the pre-soaked Reverse Lift Treatment Pads and more- all packed with clinically validated levels of skin tightening, collagen boosting ingredients.

 So, if loose, crepey skin has been dragging you down or if the state your neck has been bumming you out… you can truly turn it all around with Reverse Lift











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