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Why a Facial Cleanser Is Essential for Beauty



Lisa Malcolm McElligott, our VP of R&D and Education, answers a recent customer question below.  


Does it really matter which cleanser I use? I mean, it’s just washed right off the skin, how important is a facial cleanser?

-Sandra R. Newark, NJ


Hey Sandra! Great question and perfect timing too because in observance of National Boss Day (10/16/23), I had wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the hardest working, most impactful leader in our entire SSC family and that, of course, is:

The Cleanser. 

Often overlooked, the Cleanser is, by far, the ‘big boss’ of any skin care regimen as it determines how well your skin is set up to receive the rest of your treatments. In order for your serums and cremes to be absorbed into deeper layers of your skin, where they do the most good, you need to prepare the skin first with a thorough, gentle cleanser.

Good facial cleansers dissolve makeup, dirt, debris and pollution, it softens sebum and whisks away pore-blocking skin cells…

A great cleanser, suited to your skin type will do all of this, gently and efficiently and leave your skin prepared to receive and utilize all the treatment ingredients that follow.

Wondering which cleanser is right for you? Here’s a helpful guide:



SKIN TYPE: Normal-Oily.

A refreshing gel-to-foam formula that expertly speed-cleans the skin and deep-dives into the pores leaving the complexion refined, clarified and comfortably balanced.



SKIN TYPE: Normal-Dry.

C Clean, our vitamin C facial cleanser bathes the skin with gentle surfactants to effortlessly remove the day while simultaneously conditioning with multiple Vitamin C esters. Leaves skin comfortably supple, never dry or tight.



SKIN TYPE: Problematic.

Medicated with active levels of Salicylic Acid to loosen clogged pores, dissolve visible blackheads and keep skin clear from future breakouts.



SKIN TYPE: Every skin type… Seriously! 

Our glycolic cleanser, a coveted little radiance-maker levels-up your beauty game regardless of skin type. The high acid / low pH formula provides a gorgeous retexturizing effect that refines and resurfaces leaving the skin looking super smooth and radiant.

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